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Money Intelligence® Book with 2 Mandala style colouring sheets

Money Intelligence® Book with 2 Mandala style colouring sheets


Financial liberation is guaranteed if you have Money Intelligence (MQ) according to the author Susan Wahhab. Money Intelligence® represents two decades of financial experience and wisdom from thought leader and financial strategist Susan Wahhab CPA. Susan weaves her parents’ story throughout the book and shares her clients’ money journeys as she unveils her Money Intelligence® model.

She candidly shares the values and money mindset principles behind the MQ model with the reader. Susan wants her message of shifting one’s mindset from Consumerholic to Investorgetic® to reach hard-working people who she believes deserve a fair go and good financially strategic advice.

The problem with the financial planning profession is the systemic abundance of product flogging rather than providing financial strategic advice. Find out how her strategic ideas and financial trade secrets come to life through the two case studies she generously offers in the book: Jane Carr, a professional single woman forging her own financial independence as a woman; and Tania and Justin Cattan, self-employed couple wanting to take control of their super and finances. She shows you how financial strategy looks like and how the numbers can help you move from captivity to liberation. 

For those who wish to shift their human condition from captivity to liberation, you cannot pass by the bookshelf without picking up Susan’s Money Intelligence® book.