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Money Intelligence Book Testimonials

Who would have thought that a book by an accountant could be so engaging, heartfelt and profound, as well as practical, informative and liberating? The strategies and value driven philosophies in this book helped me and my partner to courageously get on the wealth track, stay on track and increase our MQ! I have had the pleasure to reap the rewards of Susan as our Money Mentor, but now we can all have her by our bedside, reminding us daily of the Investorgetic habits to live by. We all need a cheerleader! (and the outfit to match!) Make your next determined step to financial liberation - read this book. 

Gabriella Horak – CEO Better Off With Learning, Speaker and Facilitator Extraordinaire


Susan's work is an inspiration. I have known her for years now and can see how she has created such a successful business with care and attention. Now with Money Intelligence we get to see the events and ethos that shapes her advice, wealth philosophy and take on so much more than money. 

Matt Church – Founder, Thought Leaders Global


Money Intelligence is an inspirational read, for Susan’s existing and potential clients, for all who set out to pursue financial freedom in 2016 and beyond. Through an affectionate tribute to her parents and a snapshot of Susan’s personal journey, this book is packed with an insightful account of key events in her childhood that shaped her value system, and how these values have influenced her adult life, her business and her belief in promoting peace and protecting mother earth. Her passion to help others to achieve financial security is no less obvious, the book joins the dots and shows us a winning approach to achieve financial freedom in an ever changing global economic environment. Money Intelligence is a compulsive page turner, so don’t delay in being empowered by reading this life changing book.

Christine Wang – Managing Director, Jin Niu Agribusiness Pty Ltd


Susan has managed to take a complex (and often ignored) subject and turn it into a compelling read and formula for life-long prosperity. This is not just a book on how to manage your money, this is a transformational guide on how to live a fruitful and comfortable life. This is a book for every adult, of any age, and a must for anyone with children as the life lessons in here will stand your kids in good stead for the rest of their days.

Kim McGuinness – Managing Director, Mentor Central  


Having worked closely with women wanting to create their own success masterpiece it’s essential that financial independence is a key focus. This unique book builds a strong case that lack of intelligence is the greatest poverty – and so the author teaches us to have Money Intelligence and to finally set ourselves free from captivity and enter the world of financial liberation. Brilliant!

Christina Guidotti – Transformation Speaker, Author and Advisor


In stereotype terms, a book written by an accountant for citizens who wish to develop their ‘money intelligence ‘ might be considered heavy and hard to read. But by using illustrations, diagrams, and columns of figures related to the case studies, Susan has created an engaging text; perhaps more to be consulted than read in one go. 

Stuart Rees – Professor Emeritus, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney


Susan Wahhab’s book 'Money Intelligence’ is truly inspirational! So beautifully written from the heart, it is so much more than a finance book. Susan’s ability to weave in her incredible personal story gives hope to a fractured world that we can unite and find a way to world peace, while her advice on money intelligence is so compelling and practical that not only can we all learn from Susan’s wisdom, but also recognise a better and more prosperous and generous way of being in the world. Thank you Susan for writing this book and for sharing your family, your history and your incredible wisdom with us all. 

Maree McKeown – Facilitator, Speaker, Mentor


Beautiful. Practical. Confronting. 

Beautiful - It's odd that I should be describing a book on financial planning "beautiful'! And yet this is a beautiful book, illustrated with gorgeous black and white drawings and stories about Susan's colourful family history.

Practical - This is a book every leader should read in order to understand why personal financial security is a critical skill, and what to do about it. Susan's explanations and client case studies bring her teaching to life. 

Confronting - I thought my financial affairs were in a pretty good state. Now I know there's more to do!  Thankfully Susan has told me how to do it! Read this book and build your Money Intelligence.

Corrinne Armour, Fearless Leadership. Thought Leader, Author, Speaker, Mentor