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About Money Intelligence

Money Intelligence book represents two decades of professional experience and wisdom from Thought Leader and Financial Strategist, Susan Wahhab.  

Susan weaves her parents's story throughout the book and shares her clients' money journeys as she unveils her Money Intelligence™ model. She candidly shares the values and mindset principles behind the model with her reader. 

Susan wants her message of shifting one's mindset from Consumerholic to Investorgetic™ to reach hard-working Australians who she believes deserve a fair go and good financially-strategic advice. The book is for everyone who wants to shift their human condition from captivity to liberation.

About the Author:

Susan Wahhab was born in Jerusalem and grew up in her parents shop in Ramallah, Palestine in the 1970s and 1980s. She migrated to Australia with her family in 1986. She lives in Sydney with her husband Josh Govind and son Gabriel.

Susan Wahhab is a thought leader and financial strategist with an uncanny ability to create lateral solutions to complex financial problems (her clients simply call her the dream maker).  She established her Accounting and Financial Services Practice—Winner Partnership Pty Ltd—in July 1995 using a $15,000 overdraft secured by her parents’ home. Hailing from a long line of small family business pioneers, Susan is passionate about small business and believes that governments can do more to help entrepreneurs and small business people flourish. She is particularly committed to empowering business and professional women to succeed.  

Susan is a big Jane Austen fan and believes that Austen is one of the first modern woman rights activists. She is indebted to the suffragettes who came before her to make the world better for billions of women. She in turn wants to do the same and make the world better for the next generation of young women around the world and use her gift of Money Intelligence™ to transform the financial lives of women around the world. She believes that this is the next inevitable phase in female liberation.

Susan has a Bachelor of Business (Accounting), Masters in Commerce (Accounting), a Diploma in Financial Services, and Certificate in Property Services (Real Estate).  She is a qualified CPA, an SMSF Specialist and a Licensed Tax Agent.