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Money Intelligence is key to financial liberation

I believe it's neither Intellectual Intelligence (IQ), nor Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that will build your wealth. It's Money Intelligence™ (MQ). Those with Money Intelligence™ could have high EQ and IQ or could have none of them. It's not about how many degrees you collect or how well you can read people, or whether you pray, meditate or do affirmations every day. Money Intelligence™ is more than that. Money Intelligence™ is about the ability to make the money; manage the money you earn; spend it responsibly and investing it wisely. It's about making the right choices with money and life. Your self-determination, your ability to create Winner Partnerships, and having a Money Mindset are the foundation blocks for a prosperous life.

In a story telling format and without any financial jargon, I reveal how you can increase your money intelligence based on values I learnt from my family. The first step to wealth is by increasing your MQ level. Once your MQ increases and your money mindset is set, investing becomes easy. 

Susan Wahhab, Author, Money Intelligence™ - Anchored in Values

CPA and SMSF Specialist